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Kalo dulu Bug PQ3 mudah digagalkan dengan hanya menggali normal Ballista 20x atau mengambil dropan quest yg bericon ERR 20 biji, kali ini Bug PQ3 bisa dibug lagi dan masih bisa gali gali spawnin momon biarpun Quest 20/20 Cloud Ballista udah lewat, ini bug nggak direspon nggak diperbaiki mending disebarin sekalian caranya, setidaknya momon diganti exp nya jadi 1 exp kayak Bug Frost biar gak ada yg pake
udah berkali kali liat dan kucoba sendiri, Quest bisa disangkutin jadi bug nggak bakal bisa digagalkan selama Char nggak meninggalkan lokasi PQ3.

Berikut caranya:
Maff bahasa Inggris soalnya dapet info dari forum sebelah tapi kalo kalian mau berusaha tingal di Translate.

 Im here since a long time, yet didnt contribute anything, so thought i would make this. Credits go to Smurfin and others who posted on the other forum, and for Swoosh's pGrind, and his script. - I've only put those things together.

U can get theoritically unlimited exp, practically i would say 20-30 millions of exp ea day. - This is a time consuming method, the more time u let it run, the more exp u get.

U will need
- At least 1, at most 5 characters lvl95+.
- Either access to pGrind(with scripting part avalaible), or mediocre programming skills to write a fairly simple program. (the program needs to automatise digging the ballistas, i believe its fairly easy to do with injection, but i cant make a program for that)

There, hundreds of mobs waiting to earn u millions of experience.

1. Bring the characters to Chapter 3 quest giver. Take the quest and finish the first pahse(killing 5 officers).

2. Make sure all of the characters inventory is full. Take the quest with all of them, and make sure their graphical settings are as low as possible. It doesnt matter what PC u have, u can get the most of of this on the lowest settings.

3. Position them each above a "Cloud Ballista", and dig it once. Make sure the quest item gets dropped on the ground showing a small "ERR" thing(as it doesht have texture for being dropped set), and that the mobs which spawn cant hit them.

4. Open Program, DOWNLOAD HERE and hook em clients, and go to scripting(no need to set anything anywhere else). Add new script, and insert this after begin:
{ pGrind Script file , created @ 6:50:01 PM 1/4/2013}
Program CloudBallistaFarmer;
Repeat_count,i : integer;

Repeat_count := 150; //Set this to the number of repeats you want.
for i := 0 to Repeat_count -1 do
GatherMaterial_Name('Cloud Ballista');

This takes 13 seconds each. Set repeat count to ur needs, for example 150 makes a 30 minute session(when u kill the mobs before starting to respawn em)

Now depending on with how many characters u dig, u should set something from 10-50 minutes. After a certain number of mobs the client will crash on any computer, and at that point it could crash again when u reload it. Just dont get too greedy, ive let it run on 3 clients for 20 minutes without problems.

The number after sleeps determines its waiting time after it started digging. It could be lower, becouse i think it takes only like 8 seconds to dig that shet, but setting it lower could cause ur character to move to an other ballista for some reason. If it moves, the mobs will reach it, and u could be a R9 full +12, u will die without a charmtick.

5. Make sure that everything is running, and the quest stays at 0/20. Go afk for however long ur session is.

6. Come back, set hyper, opneshot mobs from air, go back to point 5 : )

Twoshotting works also with fast channeled skills.(psy's sandburst+glacial)

The only problem with this method r the effin braindead droids, who tend to do PQ, but do not finish it. After the catapults part u have to deal with a handsome amount of mobs, and a nasty boss with 28 mill hp whose aoe hits hard, and interrupts BB.

Check PQ frequently, and if its at first or second phase, blast ur activations on it for a relatively easy 10-20-30 mill exp.

If u find out anything about enchancing this method, or have questions, please post it.

yea, you can do that with seeker, the exp is still plenty but hyper exp mode has to be on the whole time and only effective for how many mobs spawned during that one hour period.

if using activating/deactivating hyper mode which can be done 20x, you'll get the most exp from pq3 bug coz the hyper mode timer will only tick during killing only, digging session takes 10 minutes each.

Someone posted in my local thread, he did it from lv 98 at 0% and successfully leveled up to lv 100 in one day using hyper exp 12x. Cumulative exp from 98 to 100 = 58 million. Anyone doing fc bug with hyper, please post your most exp gained you ever did.

Here's an example of the setup with seeker, it didn't last long though, I disrupted their activity at 5 o'clock in the morning, those poor buggers, should read my siggy in this forum before they decided to even think about bullying my bot.

ahahaha, I'm too lazy to spend a lot of hours in the game too , it's better to level up the afk way, because we are the autobots!!